6 Cultural Centers Found at Minority Serving Institutions

If you travel all over the U.S., you will find various museums, cultural centers, and collections across college campuses.  These are places that celebrate, stimulate, and inform various cultural sectors of the tapestry of American fabric.  A number of these museums and centers can be found on Minority Serving Institution (MSI) campuses.  Here is a list highlighting 6 such centers

Dine_CollegeThe Ned A. Hatahli Museum
Diné College

The Ned A. Hatahli Museum preserves, promotes, and perpetuates the cultural heritage, beliefs, and traditional values of the Navajos and other Native Americans for future generations.The Museum’s programs and exhibitions are “designed to interpret the Navajo concepts and value. Navajo Culture is not an inanimate or static culture, and should not be depicted as such, but one that is vibrant and alive, in a healthy state of continuous transition. The Museum believes that the time has come for Native Americans to interpret, depict and record their own cultures.

haskellHaskell Cultural Center and Museum
Haskell Indian Nations University

The Haskell Cultural Center and Museum officially opened its doors on September 14, 2012 with the funding support of the American Indian College Fund, the Lily Fund, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Haskell’s unique history reflects the history of Native education, evolving from a boarding school to a fully accredited university. The records contained in the Haskell archives are vitally important both historically to Haskell faulty, students, staff and alumni family but also to researchers of tribal history and education. The Cultural Center also serves as a gallery space for student and alumni art work and Tribal cultural work. The Cultural Center is also a place where students can gain hands on learning experience in cultural preservation management and museum studies while working with the collections and fulfilling their internship requirements.

SpelmanGordo-Zeto Center for Global Education
Spelman College, Atlanta

Driven and inspired by Spelman College’s mission statement, the Gordon-Zeto Center for Global Education reaffirms the College’s commitment to engage Spelman’s students with “many cultures of the world” and to widen their socioeconomic and political horizons in an increasingly complex and interdependent global society. The center was launched under the auspices of the Gordon-Zeto Endowed Fund for International Initiatives. The center serves as the hub for Spelman’s international programs aligned with curriculum development, international student recruitment, and study-travel abroad.

texas a&m san antonioEducational and Cultural Arts Center
Texas A&M-San Antonio
The Texas A&M University-San Antonio Educational and Cultural Arts Center (ECAC) is beautiful facility that will continue to tell the story of the Latino experience in America with a focus on South Texas through local and regional art, history and culture, dedicated and sharing the transnational experience of Latinos in America.

Chenrezig Himalayan Cultural Center
The University of Texas at El Paso

The Chenrezig Tibetan Cultural Center was opened in 1990 by Losang Samten with the help of David Hall and UTEP President Diana Natalicio. A meditation center was established in order to develop an awareness of the Chinese occupation of Tibet and of the Himalayan culture. The Center’s main purpose is to bring awareness to the people of the community; to help them become friendlier, more caring, understanding and loving; and to help form them into a human family on this planet.

NCATMulticultural Student Center
North Carolina A&T University

The Multicultural Student Center (MSC) has existed for over a decade to support the educational, cultural, social and intellectual growth of the campus community, and raise awareness about individual differences and global issues. The Center supports the institutions goal to ensure that the entire campus community is a safe and welcome environment for everyone regardless of your individual difference. The Center assists with the coordination and planning of special events to raise cultural awareness, celebrate global diversity and building community.

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