10 Tenured Asian-American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) Professors at AANAPISIs

MSIs tend to have more diverse faculty than their Predominately White Institution counterparts.  In today’s Monday Morning MSI Lineup, we are highlighting 10 tenured Asian American/Pacific Islander faculty members at Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISIs).

08new faculty1. Meihua Koo, Associate Professor, College of Business
California State University, Poly Ponoma
Meihua Koo’s teaching interests focus on international accounting and financial accounting. Dr. Koo’s research centers on continuous reporting/auditing and firm valuation and financial statement disclosure.


2. Eunmi Cho, Professor, College of Education
California State University, Sacramento State
Eunmi Cho has been involved in research and teaching students with mild/moderate/severe disabilities from preschool age to adults. Her interests are in bilingual special education issues and inclusive practices for all students.

Washington Nationals at San Francisco Giants.3. Douglass Lee, Professor, Asian American Studies
City College of San Francisco
Douglass Lee is a professor in the Asian American Studies department. Professor Lee’s instructional/educational philosophy and goals are to nurture reading, writing and the analytical skills of his students; to share knowledge, experience and expertise of course subject matter/curriculum; and to stimulate identification with and involvement in local community, national society, and the global community.

B. Kim4. Bryan S.K. Kim, Professor, Counseling Psychology
The University of Hawaii-Hilo
Bryan S. K. Kim is a full professor and the Counseling Psychology program director. His current research examines the effects of culture-specific counseling interventions and client enculturation/acculturation (e.g., cultural values) on counseling process and outcome. Dr. Kim’s interest in multicultural counseling psychology largely stems from his experiences growing up in Hawai’i as a 1.5-generation Asian American.

Kosasa5. Karen Kosasa, Associate Professor, American Studies
The University of Hawaii-Manoa
Karen Kosasa is interested in interdisciplinary research. Trained in painting and drawing, for thirteen years she taught in the studio arts at the University of Hawai‘i, the University of Rochester, and Boise State University. In 2002, Professor Kosasa joined the Department of American Studies and developed the curriculum for the Museum Studies Graduate Certificate Program. She is involved in a long-range project that examines how museums and related institutions represent colonial histories and the often contentious relationship between indigenous peoples and settler states.

Leong6. Andrew Leong, Associate Professor of Legal Education
University of Massachusetts, Boston
Andrew Leong’s research interests include law, justice, and equality pertaining to disenfranchised communities, with a focus on Asian Americans. Substantive areas of interest include anti-Asian violence, hate crimes, immigration reform, Asian American legal history, environmental justice, anti-gentrification strategies, and community lawyering.

Liang7. Shunlin Liang, Professor Geographical Sciences
University of Maryland at College Park
Shunlin Liang is a professor in geographical sciences. His main research interests focus on estimation of land surface variables from satellite observations, studies on surface energy balance, and assessing the climatic, ecological and hydrological impacts of afforestation in China.

Jiemin Bao8. Jiemin Bao, Professor, Anthropology
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Jiemin Bao’s research includes transnationalism, migration, gender and sexuality, Buddhism and Asian Americans.



9. Monit Cheung, Professor of Social Work
     University of Houston
Monit Cheung is Principal Investigator of the Child Welfare Education Project, a state partnership program funded federally by Title IV-E for training child welfare social workers.  She is also Associate Director of the Child and Family Center for Innovative Research. She has been a social worker for 35 years and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over 20 years specializing in play therapy, family counseling, child & adolescent counseling, child protection, sexual and domestic violence, and incest survivor treatment.

Kim10. Catherine E. Kim, Associate Professor of Education
        Pacific University Oregon
Catherine Kim is a specialist in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages), second language acquisition, and bilingualism. She has extensive experience in research and teaching in ESOL methods, foreign language teaching methods, language acquisition, and educational linguistics. Her primary research areas are bilingual and biliteracy development of second language learners and the role of community, teachers and parents in maintaining and developing bilingual proficiency.

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