Five Popular Major Programs at Tribal Colleges & Universities

Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCU) have served as great educational institutions and resource centers for Native American communities for decades. Many TCU students go on to work in business, education, and governmental affairs.  Below are some of the most popular majors and areas of study for TCU students.

1.) Native American Studies

Native American Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that examines the history, culture, politics, issues, and contemporary experience of Native peoples in North America, Potential careers could range from implementing policy to government positions on Native culture.

2.) Indigenous Leadership

This course of study is designed intentionally as an exploration of and exposure to many disciplines, but in particular to language and culture, history, governance, and land base; the four elements of nationhood. Based on indigenous values, these educational and cultural opportunities provide students with skills to identify community concerns and then engage in community service. Future careers include community activist, government, education leaders and community service advocates.

3.) Sustainable Development

This program focuses on a multidisciplinary approach where courses are designed to foster awareness of and responsibility for community and environmental resources. Students have the have the opportunity to pursue their careers in the rapidly expanding green jobs market. These careers might include a position as a sustainability consultant, recycling manager, green business specialist, recycling/waste technician, community developer, or renewable energy consultant.

4.) Business Administration

Students in this program have access to a globally diverse curriculum created to guide them into becoming conscientious citizens who can critically think, articulate and convey professional and ethical virtues to enhance entrepreneurship in Indian Country and beyond. Graduates can become self-employed, or they can seek employment in manufacturing, banking, finance, accounting, marketing, and management fields.

5.) Indigenous Liberal Studies

Indigenous Liberal Studies is designed to give students the opportunity to gain knowledge of self and culture, as well as develop skills to assist in the revitalization of American Indian nations. Because the Indigenous Liberal Studies program is not geared to a specific career path, but instead exposes students to a wide range of disciplines, the degree prepares graduates for a variety of professions, especially those involving leadership and administration, business and entrepreneurship, as well as education.

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