Ten Top U.S. States/Territories with the Largest Number of Hispanic Serving Institutions

An Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) is an institution that receives federal discretionary funding to improve and expand their capacity to serve Hispanic and low-income students. At these colleges and universities, undergraduate students that identify as Hispanic make up at least 25 percent of total enrollment. As the U.S. population becomes more diverse and the Latino/as population, in particular, increases the higher education community will need to make note of who is making an effort to serve these students, and serve them well. HSIs are growing in number. This Monday Morning MSI Line Up gives a list of the 10 US States/Territories with the largest number of HSIs.

California pic1. California – 127 HSIs




Texas2. Texas – 68 HSIs




Puerto Rico

3. Puerto Rico – 59 HSIs


New Mexico4. New Mexico – 22 HSIs





Florida5. Florida – 20 HSIs





new york6. New York – 18 HSIs




Illinois7. Illinois – 13 HSIs





Arizona8. Arizona – 10 HSIs





New-Jersey9. New Jersey – 9 HSIs








Colorado10. Colorado – 8 HSIs

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