MSIs with the Highest First-Year Retention Rates

Making it through freshmen year to sophomore year is a big step in a college student’s life. Knowing that you successfully made it through one of the biggest transitions is an important step in persisting through one’s college career. Though the totality of an institution’s worth cannot be measured solely by its first-year retention rate, this figure can serve as a starting point to learn more about an institution, its practices and its students. This week’s Monday Morning Lineup lists the four-year institutions with the highest first-year retention rates, and are listed by MSI type (source:



Virginia university of lynchburg1. Virginia University of Lynchburg 95%



Spelman2. Spelman College 89%



morehouse3. Morehouse College 87%



University of Puerto rico mayaguez1. University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez 90%


CalState Bernardino2. California State University-San Bernardino 89%



San Diego State3. San Diego State University 89%




usc1. University of Southern California 97%



umd2. University of Maryland-College Park 95%



University-of-California-Irvine3. University of California-Irvine 94%



Tribal Colleges
sinte gleska1. Sinte Gleska University 78%




sitting bull2. Sitting Bull College 75%

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