Minority Serving Institutions with Living Learning Communities

A Living Learning Community is a group of students placed together on a residence hall floor or within a building based on a common major, common interests, or common program affiliation.  Living Learning Communities are models that have been employed by many higher education institutions to increase retention and positive student outcomes.  This Monday Morning MSI Line Up features Living-Learning Communities at MSIs.

CalState Bernardino1.) California State University – San Bernardino

Living Learning Communities (LLC) and Themed Communities (TC) at CSU San Bernardino are special residential programs designed to provide students with incredible residential experiences. They are collaborative efforts between the Office of Housing and Residential Life and various academic departments throughout the campus. LLC provides students with opportunities to connect with students who have a shared interest, establish personal connections with Faculty and Staff, participate in special service learning, leadership, and social programs, and have once in a lifetime experience.

texas a&m-kingsville2.) Texas A&M University – Kingsville

The Department of University Housing & Residence Life at Texas A&M University – Kingsville offers Living Learning Communities (LLC) for students. Students have the option of choosing to live in an LLC; it is a great way for new students to become part of campus life much sooner because they will be living with other students with similar interests.

NCAT3.) North Carolina Agricultural And Technical State University 

Housing and Residence Life promotes educational excellence in the Residential Community. Through strong collaborations with Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, the Aggie Living and Learning Communities enable residents to experience a more educationally enriched community supporting his/her academic and career aspirations. Moreover, the Department of Housing and Residence Life recognizes the importance of life skills for the employability of students. As such, for life skills, these communities focus on a Residential Curriculum guiding students toward competencies in critical thinking and reasoning skills, social and civic responsibility, character, ethics, and communication.

cal state long beach4.) California State University – Long Beach (CSULB)

CSULB’s Freshmen Living-Learning Communities are intentional, inclusive communities formed around common themes or college programs where students have an opportunity to live and learn together. For example, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Living-Learning Community is for first-year STEM students. The goal of this community is to assist first-year STEM students in achieving academic and personal success and to foster a supportive and collaborative environment for students interested in these fields. Students participate in a variety of personal, academic development and career exploration activities such as exploring the health professions, which help build a sense of community and understanding of the STEM disciplines.

northeastern state5.) Northeastern State University

When students connect what they are learning in the classroom to their own personal experiences, learning becomes a unique journey toward self-awareness. Northeastern State University provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in this journey through Living-Learning Communities. LLCs are only available to First-Year students and are specifically designed to help ease the academic and social transitions of First-Year students to the college environment by providing increased faculty interactions and mentorship within an academically supported living environment.

Barry University6.) Barry University

Belonging to a learning community ensures a smooth transition to college life at Barry. Not only will you get to know your fellow peers quickly, but you will also have the opportunity to live together, attend the same classes, and network with faculty, staff, and alumni with similar personal and professional interests. Barry students report that the learning community helped them make friends, form study groups, be more successful in their courses, interact more closely with their faculty, and become more aware of university and departmental resources.

new mexico state7.) New Mexico State University

Students participating in an LLC live in the same area of a residence hall or apartment community and have frequent opportunities to interact with other students, staff, and faculty who share common academic, professional, and/or personal interests. LLC residents also benefit from Faculty Advisors and specially trained student staff who work together to provide an experience that bridges the gap between students academic and social lives, and increases their chance for success in college.

morehouse8.) Morehouse College

According to the Morehouse College Office of Housing and Residential Life (OHRL) Mission: “Programming services are intentionally designed to facilitate intellectual and personal growth, cultural awareness and appreciation, social responsibility, ethical leadership, and academic excellence.” The Living Learning communities at Morehouse College are aligned with the mission; to create an environment during which Men of Morehouse are expected to master a designated set of skills and competencies related to what they learn inside the classroom… The Living Learning communities are residence hall communities that bring college learning into the everyday lives of students. They offer students the opportunity to live with other students who share common interests. These communities offer special programming in the residence hall and opportunities to interact with Morehouse College faculty and staff that are affiliated with the Living Learning communities.

university of la verne9.) University of La Verne

The Student Housing and Residential Education (SHARE) Office at the University of La Verne offers a variety of unique and special communities that aim to provide supportive environments where individuals from the identified communities can feel more at home. Currently SHARE offers two categories of special communities– “Living Learning” communities and “Experience” communities. “Living Learning” communities are communities that in addition to having a group of people with a shared experience and identity also have a built in academic component. More specifically, students of the shared experience not only live together but take classes together. These communities are important as they link the academic experience with the co-curricular experience and thus allow students to maximize their collegiate experience.

university of hawaii hilo10.) University of Hawaii – Hilo

A living learning community is where first year students with a shared interest live together in one of our residence halls. They take a shared class together and have an amazing outside-of-the-classroom experience focused around that particular theme or interest. These communities are all designed to support the academic success of our students, help students make friends, and ultimately graduate and become a successful member of the global community.

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