10 HBCU Fictional Moments of Real Thanks to Faculty and Staff

Many institutions are still in the throes of graduation season and the end of the academic year. Today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up is dedicated to all of those who help graduates make it from new student orientation to commencement day. So here is a big thank you for all of the important moments as portrayed by our favorite fictitious HBCU, Hillman College (from The Cosby Show and A Different World):

1.) When they covered for you and simultaneously taught you humility

2.) When they helped you make sense of your life, pushed you out of your comfort zone, and helped you see you had more in common with people you thought were completely different from you

3.) When you made a pretty bad decision, but they gave you a second chance after their course assignment enlightened you and ultimately changed your approach to life

4.) When they wouldn’t give up on you, even if you had given up on yourself (sometimes they are creative about their support)

5.) When they reminded us that the best way to prevent rape, is to not rape

6.) When they saw your promise and potential through your poor decisions and did whatever was necessary to bring it to fruition

7.) When they embraced and even rewarded your creativity, however unconventional

8.) When they kept it all the way real with you

9.) When they helped you communicate your goals and dreams to your parents and loved ones

10.) When they inspired you to be brave and helped you realize you have a voice in this world and it needs to be heard

Congrats, Class of 2015! And thank you to all of the faculty, advisors, deans, RAs, administrators, and staff for all that you have done and continue to do to make students great people as well as great scholars.

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