By the Numbers: Highly Productive MSIs

Today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up features MSIs that are known for producing significant numbers of talented students of color in some of the most demanding fields.

1) Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University – HBCU

Alabama A&M

Alabama A&M is the leading HBCU providing agricultural science degrees, and 49 percent of Black students who received an agricultural sciences PhD earned it at this HBCU.

2) California State University, Long Beach – HSI

UC Long Beach

Cal State, Long Beach had over one thousand Latino/a students enrolled in its engineering program in 2014 and is well-known for its physics department.

3) Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University – HBCU


Florida A&M grants degrees in the agricultural, physical and engineering sciences. It ranks 3rd overall in the number of STEM degrees awarded to Black STEM PhD students and is also a leader in engineering.

4) Florida International University – HSI


Florida International University has about 50,000 students and is the 7th largest university in the nation. In 2014, FIU conferred a large proportion of bachelor’s degrees to Latino/a students in biology.

5) Howard University – HBCU


Howard is the HBCU that boasts the most Black STEM PhD recipients at a whopping 33 percent. It is also the leading HBCU to award 45 percent of all degrees in biomedical sciences to Black graduates.

6) Morehouse School of Medicine – HBCU

Morehouse Medicine

Morehouse School of Medicine grants a substantial amount of biology and biomedical science degrees to Black students and comes in at 7th in overall STEM degrees.

 7) North Carolina Agriculture & Technical University – HBCU

NC AT Engineering

North Carolina A&T’s College of Engineering has consistently ranked No. 1 in the U.S for the number of degrees awarded to African Americans at the undergraduate level. In addition, for the last 9 years the college is the leading producer of Black female engineers at the collegiate level. Go Aggies!

8) St. Mary’s University, School of Law

St. Mary's Univ

St. Mary’s University, School of Law is the HSI that has graduated the most Latino/a J.D. students and is considered among the nation’s “Most Diverse Law Schools.” It is connected with the Hispanic National Bar Association and offers an on-campus Hispanic Student Law Association for Latino/a students pursuing their law degrees.

9) Tennesse State University


Tennessee State University ranks 3rd in awarding biological and biomedical science degrees to Black students.

 10) Xavier University of Louisiana – HBCU

Xavier 2

Xavier was No. 1 in the nation in placing its African-American graduates into medical school for 15 straight years before an enrollment drop due to the six-month closure of the school following Hurricane Katrina. However, it bounced back and awarded 60 medical degrees to Black graduates in 2011 and is still considered a leading HBCU for Black medical doctors. Talk about resilience!

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