8 Unique Tribal College Courses and Degrees

Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) are unique because they offer degrees, certificates and courses that are specifically for Native American students and for students interested in learning about Native American history/culture. Today’s MSI Line Up features 8 unique offerings from 8 TCUs that help enrich their students’ education and community-building talents.

1) Aaniiih Nakoda College – TCU


The Environmental Science Associate degree provides students an education with forestry, fish and wildlife management, biology, water quality, soil conservation and range conservation. These skills can be used to help employ students and give back to their communities.

2) Blackfeet Community College – TCU


Blackfeet Community College offers the Associate of Applied Science degree, which broadens knowledge on language, history, arts and crafts, contemporary issues and other Native American Indian contributions to contemporary lifestyles. The program prepares students for careers as cultural consultants and Blackfeet mentors on tribal affairs.

3) Chief Dull Knife College – TCU


Chief Dull Knife College offers incredibly useful courses to their students that relate to their environment and skills that can be used immediately for the purposes of their communities and families. One such course is Farm and Ranch Management that teaches students the economics of farm/ranch and business decisions as well as the national economic policy with emphasis on agriculture.

 4) Little Big Horn College – TCU

Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, Crow Indian Reservation, Montana

Students at LBHC can get a one-year certificate which prepares them for successful employment in the tribal government. Students will gain an understanding of tribal government operations and learn skills in communication, organizations, management and computers necessary for working in the tribal government offices. The certificate will help prepare students interested in working at tribal managers and administrators.

5) Little Priest Tribal College – TCU


Students who major in the the Native American Studies curriculum at Little Priest Tribal College will increase their understanding, insight, and knowledge of historic and present-day Winnebago, HoChunk and other indigenous cultures. Students will gain an understanding of themselves in relation to their own ancestry and culture and realize their personal indigenous power.

6) Nebraska Indian Community College – TCU


Students can take courses like Native American Mythology which studies the mythology of Native American’s origins, symbolism and tribal variations. The oral tradition in creation, trickster, and hero stories of indigenous people is emphasized. Students learn a wide scope of Native American background.

7) Salish Kootenai College – TCU


The purpose of the SKC Hydrology degree program teaches students water rights, agriculture, environmental health, beliefs and spirituality related to water, and sustainability of water resources. The objectives are both to empower Tribal communities through a sharing of knowledge and experience and to enhance cross-cultural understanding and respect for different approaches to water development.

8) Stone Child College – TCU


Stone Child College students can earn an associate degree in human services with a concentration in Native Communities. This gives students an opportunity to explore reservation and Native Community issues in a tribal college setting. The goal of this program is to educate students about individual, family and community health and wellness.

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