8 Diverse Child Care Programs at MSIs

Raising a family while attending college is difficult to say the least, especially for the underserved students that make up a large part of the demographics at Minority Serving Institutions. Today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up highlights MSIs that have great childcare for students, faculty and staff that have young children.

1. Howard University – HBCUHoward Image

Howard University’s School of Education Early Learning Program values varied cultures and families. The program focuses on diversity and celebrates the students enrolled. The children enrolled are between the ages of three to six, and the program serves the needs of faculty, students and community members.

2. Sacramento State – AANAPISI

Sacremento Statem Image

The Children’s Center at California State University, Sacramento fosters a home-oriented environment to meet a child’s emotional, physical, intellectual and social growth needs. The Center is located directly on the campus of California State University, Sacramento, nestled beneath a grove of stately redwood trees on State University Drive East. The program accepts children from the ages of six months to twenty-three months.

3. Tennessee State University – HBCUTSU Image

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences operates two centers, one located on the Main Campus and the other located Avon Williams Campus. The Child Care Center uses the approach to focus on preparation of intelligent and independent thinking during the preschool years. Children three years of age and older are eligible for enrollment at the facility.

4. Florida A&M – HBCU

FAMU Image

The New Beginnings Educational Research Center for Child Development is designed to help children develop skills in observing, questioning, listening, discovering, and understanding.  As the campus becomes increasingly diverse, the mission of the New Beginning Child Development Center is to teach children about other cultures and ethnicities. By using multiple resources, children are taught about cultural heritage and to respect and appreciate cultural diversity. Children between the ages of 2 ½ (toilet trained) and 5 may participate in the regular preschool program. Children between the ages of five and twelve may be admitted for after school care.

5. Chabot College – AANAPISI/HSI

Chabot College Image

The mission of the Chabot College Early Childhood Lab School is to positively influence the field of Early Childhood by providing and supporting quality early education and care while modeling professionalism for ECD lab students, children and families. The EC Lab School provides Preschool classrooms from ages three to five during the College academic year.


6. Hampton University – HBCU

Hampton Image

One of the primary goals of the The Child Development Center on Hampton’s campus is to provide high quality care and education in a safe, appropriate, and diverse learning environment where families are an integral part of a holistic curriculum that fosters academic success. Children are admitted to the program contingent upon the appropriate age, whether child is toilet trained, date of application received, child of an HU faculty, alumni, student or community member.

7. New Mexico State University -HSI

NMSU Image

The NMSU School for Young Children support the natural progression of a child’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. The program focuses on the needs and rights of the whole child, as opposed to specific isolated areas of development. Children develop concepts about themselves, others and the world by interacting through play and growth. The facility serves young children from the ages of two to five.

8. Texas Southern University – HBCU

TSU Image 2

The Center on Family at Texas Southern University primary purpose is to serve as an outreach center for the education and positive development of children, youth and families, and conduct research to generate data on families and children to improve better living. The Center on Family provide services for the university and community at large.

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