7 MSIs with Filipino American Student Organizations


By Marietess Masulit

The Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) began observing October as Filipino American History Month in 1991 to celebrate the first recorded arrival of Filipinos in the United States on October 18, 1587. In 2009, Congress passed House Resolution 780 and Senate Resolution 298 to officially recognize October nationally as Filipino American History Month.

In honor of Filipino American History month, today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up features seven MSIs with Filipino American student organizations dedicated to preserving and raising awareness around Filipino culture on their respective campuses and within their communities.

1. CSU East Bay: Pilipino American Student Association (PASA)

PASA at CSU East Bay engages students through activities and programming to raise Pilipino cultural awareness on campus and within the community. The organization began in 1972 and has since grown to be its own community on campus, providing students with a foundation for support and guidance.

2. University of Hawaii West O’ahu: Filipino-American Student Association of Hawai’i (FASAH)


FASAH at the University of Hawaii West O’ahu was started in 2011. The organization offers students with the opportunities for educational, social, cultural and recreational interests and awareness.

3. UC Merced: Pilipino American Alliance (PAA)

PAA is a social & cultural organization looking to bridge the gap between traditional & modern Pilipino culture as well as spark a movement of youth involvement & action within the surrounding community through art, leadership, & academic excellence.

4. Mount Saint Mary’s University (Los Angeles): Pangkat Pilipino (Pilipino Cultural Club)

mt. st. marys
Pangkat Pilipino is a cultural organization at Mount Saint Mary’s University that aims to preserve and raise awareness around Pilipino culture. Each year they coordinate their annual Pilipino-American Cultural Night.

5. City College of San Francisco: P.E.A.C.E (Pilipino/a’s for Education, Art, Culture and Empowerment)

city college sf
Pilipino/a’s for Education, Art, Culture and Empowerment or (P.E.A.C.E) is a student group that serves the needs of students whom identify or do not identify with being Filipino, Filipina or Filipino-American. They support the goals of students by connecting the history of Filipino/as in a larger context and by providing a space for them to grow as a learning community at City College of San Francisco.

6. University of Illinois, Chicago: Filipinos in Alliance

Filipinos in Alliance strives to educate others in the hopes that one may gain a sense of knowledge of self by realizing their own heritage, as well as the hardships of their ancestors before them, all in a friendly environment with people like themselves. With that goal in mind, the alliance believes in building a sense of belonging and unity with other Filipinos by working together through numerous events and activities to reach as many members in their community that they possibly can.

7. University of Houston: Filipino Student Association (FSA)

FSA has grown to be a very active non-profit cultural organization at the University of Houston as a registered student organization. FSA promotes its mission statement with cultural performances, demonstrations, social gatherings as well as attending camaraderie events in celebration of Filipino culture.

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