Top 10 Revenue-Generating HBCU Athletic Departments

by Louis Bolling (Guest Author)

Top Ten Revenue Generating HBCU Athletic DepartmentsPhoto1

College athletics has evolved into a massive revenue generator for higher education institutions, commonwealths, and the private sector. In anticipation of March Madness, today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up looks at the top 10 revenue generating HBCU athletic departments, which have generated approximately $113.2M combined. (Note that Oregon, the top revenue generating athletic program in the nation and a Predominantly White Institution, made more than all of these HBCUs combined at ~$196M.)

  1. Alabama State – $14,070,309 (158th overall)

  2. Delaware State – $13,063,111 (169th overall)

  3. Florida A&M – $12,444,254 (178th overall)

  4. Norfolk State –  $12,134,980 (181st overall)

  5. North Carolina A&T – $11,383,506 (195th overall)

  6. Prairie View A&M – $10,761,388 (200th overall)

  7. Southern – $10,153,053 (206th overall)

  8. South Carolina State – $9,816,351 (208th overall)

  9. Texas Southern – $9,780,351 (209th overall)

  10. Alabama A&M – $9,568,473 (213th overall)*

According to the USA TODAY database used to compile these numbers, HBCUs make up 47% of the schools on the bottom 15% of the overall list. Additionally, combining all 19 HBCU athletic departments’ revenues would only make 3rd overall on the list. Likewise, combining the top 10 HBCU athletic departments’ revenues would only amount to 14th overall.

*Note: The data, updated for 2014, are based on the revenue and expense reports collected from more than 225 public schools in the NCAA’s Division I that have an obligation to release the data (the NCAA does not release the data publicly). The others are private or are covered under a state exemption.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Revenue-Generating HBCU Athletic Departments

  1. North Carolina Central University has had over a $10M athletic budget for the past two years and $11.3M this past year.


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