8 MSIs with Disability Services

by Stephanie Mayo

The academic trajectories of students with disabilities often hinge on their access to support services. That is why is is very important for colleges and universities to support the fundamental needs of students of these students. Today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up looks at some specific services MSIs offer to accommodate their students with disabilities.

1) Howard University (HBCU)


Howard University’s Office of the Dean for Special Student Services (Disabled Student Services encourages students to come and notify the office of their disabilities to be accommodated. If students feel that their accommodations are not enough, the Office welcomes them to come discuss how they might be better accommodated.

2) Haskell Indian Nations University (TCU)


Haskell Indian Nations University supports students with disabilities through the Disability Support Services program. Basing their practices from research that indicates what best assists students with disabilities, they ensure that students with disabilities are getting the appropriate assistance.

3) Cochise College (HSI)

Cochise College

For students with disabilities, Cochise College provides the ADA/Disability Office to support their individual needs. Because the goal of the office is to “empower students, foster independence, promote success and assist students in discovering and developing their full potential,” the office not only focuses on accommodating students with disabilities with academic services but also focuses on ensuring social and emotional support.

4) Alabama A&M University (HBCU)

Alabama A&M

Alabama A&M University provides the Access to Learning Program as a part of their Office of Veterans Affairs & Disability Services. The program provides a comprehensive approach to students with disabilities to ensure that they are accommodated. The program holds teachers, students, the office, and the university to a high standard of service to students with disabilities.

5) Orange Coast College (AANAPISI)

Orange Coast College

At Orange Coast College, the Disabled Students Programs and Services focuses on giving students with disabilities the assistance needed for them to perform well academically. Orange Coast College believes that “that every student should have the opportunity to realize his/her greatest potential in pursuit of higher education. Students with disabilities have the same needs, interests and strengths as all individuals.” Thus, the office focuses on providing high quality support to students with disabilities.

6) University of Hawaii at Hilo (AANAPISI)

University of Hawaii at Hilo

At University of Hawaii at Hilo, students with disabilities are encouraged to request any accommodations through the Disability Services office. The staff there works with students with disabilities to set individualized and personalized goals and accommodates services for students to meet those goals. 

7) Barry University (HSI)

Barry University

At Barry University, the Office of Disability Services (ODS) is where students with disabilities go to receive accommodations. Their services range from hiring sign language interpreters for mute students to providing books in braille for blind students to read.

8) Northwest Indian College (TCU)

Northwest Indian College

Northwest Indian College provides students disabilities advisors that focus on meeting the holistic needs of the students. They work with not only giving students academic accommodations but also the support for them to grow in other components of their lives. Northwest Indian College understands that disabilities may increase the number of barriers students have to navigate, but “that [does] not compromise their ability to meet the outcomes of a respective degree or certificate.”

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