6 Cal State MSIs with Cultural Graduations


Many of the California State University Institutions have ceremonies for different cultural groups as a way of creating community amidst a large student population. This Monday Morning MSI Line Up highlights six MSIs in the California State University (CSU) system that recognize their diversity through cultural graduation celebrations. Many of the cultural graduation celebrations are through student affairs or sponsored by departments and programs across the campus, while some are student ran and lead. Check out each institution through the provided links!

1) CSU Dominguez Hills (AANAPISI/HSI)

CSUDH-logo (1)

  • Asian and Pacific Islander Grad Celebration
  • Dolores Huerta Grad Celebration
  • Douglass-Bethune Grad Celebration
  • Lavender Grad Celebration
  • Veterans Grad Celebration

2) CSU East Bay (AANAPISI)


  • API Graduation Celebration
  • Black Graduation Celebration
  • Chicano/Latino Graduation Celebration
  • Lavender Graduation

3) CSU Fullerton (AANAPISI/HSI)


  • Asian and Pacific Islander Graduate Recognition Ceremony
  • Pan-African Student Recognition Ceremony
  • LGBTQ Pride Recognition Ceremony
  • Pilipino American Graduation Celebration
  • Chicano/Latino and Native American Cultural Graduation Celebration

4) CSU Long Beach (AANAPISI/HSI)


  • African American Graduation Celebration
  • American Indian Graduation Celebration
  • Cambodian Graduation Celebration
  • Chicano/Latino Graduation Celebration
  • Lavender Graduation Celebration
  • Pilipino Graduation Celebration
  • Pacific Islander Graduation Celebration

5) CSU Los Angeles (HSI)


  • Asian Pacific Islander and Desi Grad Celebration
  • Black Grad Celebration
  • Pride Grad Celebration
  • Raza Grad Celebration

6) CSU Sacramento (AANAPISI)


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