5 AANAPISIs in the Pacific Islands

Did you know there are 48 different Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) ethnic groups and over 100 different languages? These different AAPI groups vary demographically with language backgrounds, immigration history, culture, and religion. In celebration of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, this week we highlight 5 AANAPISIs from the Pacific Islands that are part of the United States.

1. American Samoa Community College


Located in Mapusaga, American Samoa Community College was established in 1970. Their motto is Salil le Atamai (Seek the knowledge to seek knowledge). In spring of 2010, Samoan students made up  83% of the student population.

2. Guam Community College

Guam Community College

Guam Community College is located in the village of Mangilao. It is the only community college in Guam serving a large number of Micronesian and Asian students.

3. College of Micronesia – FSM

Colleges of Micronesia - FSM

The College of Micronesia – FSM is located in Palikir, Pohnpei. In the fall of 2012, Pohnpeians represented 56.2% of the student population. Kosraeans and Yapese students made up of approximately 12% while Chuukese students represented 18.2% of the student population.

4. Palau Community College


Palau Community College  is located in village of Koror in the Republic of Palau. In a 2009 institutional report, Palauans were found to make up 76% of the total student population.

5. Pacific Islands University

PI University of Guam

Located in the village of Mangilao, Guam, Pacific Islands University is the only nationally accredited Christian College Bible College and Graduate Level Seminary in the Micronesia Region. In 2010-2011, there was a total of 99 students enrolled.

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