9 Most Recent AANAPISI Grant Recipients

Continuing our celebration of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, this week’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up highlights 9 institutions that were awarded AANAPISI grant funding for 2015. Check out what each institution is doing to support Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) students:

1) University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC) | Chicago, Illinois

8/31/12  East Campus view looking West from the West Terrace of SCE. Lecture Centers C and D in foreground, with UIC Welcome banner.

UIC has created a pipeline for Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Student Success (UIC PASS) to recruit, retain, graduate and enhance the college experience of AANAPI students who have been marginalized at UIC. Cross-campus department partnerships exist between UIC’s Asian American Studies program, Asian American Resource and Cultural Center, Counseling Center, and Library.

2) Northern Marianas College (NMC) | Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands


Project PROA (Promotion and Retention Opportunities for Advancement) is to improve and expand the capacity of NMC to increase the number and proportion of high-need Native Chamorro and Carolinian students to be academically prepared to attend NMC and graduate on time.

3) University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) | Las Vegas, Nevada


UNLV’s AANAPISI project will provide students with a number of support services to overcome barriers to academic success including academic tutoring, counseling, ongoing academic progress monitoring, and support for undergraduate research opportunities.

4) University of Massachusetts – Boston (UMB)| Boston, Massachusetts

umass boston

UMB also received AANAPISI support in 2010 and has since played a leadership role to AANAPISI-centered pedagogy, curriculum development, research, student leadership, and community engagement. The project has two overall goals. The first is to increase college access for underrepresented, low-income and/or first-generation college goers of Asian American ethnic populations. The second goal is to increase Asian American student retention and graduation.

5) Evergreen Valley College (EVC) | San Jose, California


Project SEAASE will increase the capacity of EVC to serve the range of needs of Southeast Asian American (SEAA) students by using culturally responsive information and examples into EVC’s recruiting, preparation, and teaching of its SEAA students.

6) Coastline Community College | Fountain Valley, California


The goal of the New Asian American Pacific Islander Generation Initiative (NAAPIGI) is to improve persistence and completion rates to match or exceed the state average for AAPI students and to increase the number of enrolled full-time AAPI students.

7) Irvine Valley College (IVC) | Irvine, California

irvine valley college

IVC’s AANAPISI funding will allow the college to better address the needs of its Asian American Native American Pacific Islander students–in particular those who identify as disadvantaged, low-income, first-generation college students and English Second Language students. The college plans to use three approaches, including the Difference Education Intervention, which teaches high-need students how their social class affects their college experience; the English as a Second Language Acceleration and Technology Project; and the establishment of an AANAPI Intercultural Learning Center.

8) Richland College | Dallas, Texas


Richland College is working to support its API student population by addressing access and success barriers through several objectives, including increasing three-year graduation rate for each AANAPISI student cohort and delivering a four-week summer bridge program to 30 API students per year.

9) Highline College | Des Moines, Washington


Highline College will address the needs of its API students through its AANAPISI project, Asian American/Pacific Islander-Supporting Our Students (AAPI-SOS). The project will work to differentiate issues and strategies for different API populations and provide students more academic preparation.

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