7 Most Recent Native American-Serving Nontribal Institutions

This week’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up highlights the 7 most recent Native American-Serving Nontribal Institutions that have been awarded grant funding. Check out what each institution is doing on their campus to support their Native American students:

1) Northland Pioneer College


Located in the heart of northeastern Arizona, Navajo County Community College District also known as Northland Pioneer College serves all of Navajo and Apache counties. Their Technology to Advance Learning Outcomes at Northland (TALON) program partners with ten high schools and comprises a robust network of audio-visual (AV) linked in the classrooms. Services include high school dual enrollment and College and Career Prep for over 550 students.

2) University of Minnesota, Morris


University of Minnesota, Morris is the only public liberal arts college in the state of Minnesota. Their student population consist of Native Americans, low-income, first-generation, and rural students as well as students from other diverse ethnic minority populations. With their new grant, the university aims to increase the educational attainment of Native American students and eliminate college achievement gaps.

3) Montana State University–Northern


Montana State University-Northern serves four of the state’s seven Native American reservations. The Little River Learning Alliance program will improve low on-time completion rates among Native American students.

4) Carl Albert State College


With their new grant, Cal Albert State College plans to improve the Native American retention and graduation rates as well as student support services by increasing their technology.

5) Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College


In fall of 2014, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College served 2,217 students by offering 46 transfer and occupational programs. Their current focus is to increase online classes, expand support services, and promote Native American culture and language preservation.

6) Redlands Community College


Redlands Community College’s goal is to increase the participation, academic success, and graduation of Native American and low-income students in Pre-Professional Sciences. Students will participate in symposia that will enrich their knowledge of cultural connections to science as well as the importance of language revitalization and preservation. Faculty development opportunities will focus on culturally appropriate teaching strategies for underprepared students and improving delivery methods for teaching and learning in sciences.

7) Utah State University–Blanding


7. Utah State University-Blanding serves the Navajo, Ute Mountain Ute Indian, and Hopi Nations. Of the private institutions of higher education in Utah, they hold the largest enrollment of Native Americans: a staggering 72 percent of the student population is Native American.

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