9 HBCU Alumni who Made it Big in the NBA/NFL

by Ndeh W. Anyu

Only about .03 percent of high school seniors eventually make it to the NBA and only about .09 percent of high school students make it to the NFL. The grand majority of these individuals are products of large research institutions and big programs, which do not include Historically Black Colleges or Universities (HBCUs). But these nine HBCU alumni not only made it into the pros but also dominated in their careers.

1)  Rick Mahorn, Hampton University (Basketball)

rick mahorn.jpeg

2)  Ryan Smith, North Carolina Central University (Football)

Ryan Smith.jpeg

3)  Ben Wallace, Virginia Union University (Basketball)

Ben wallace.jpeg

4)  Robert Porcher, South Carolina State University (Football)

Robert Porcher.jpeg

5)  Willis Reed, Grambling State University (Basketball)

Willis Reed.jpeg

6)  Steve McNair, Alcorn State University (Football)

Steve McNair.jpeg

7)  Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Winston Salem State University (Basketball)

Earl "The Pearl" Monroe.jpeg

8)  Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Tennessee State University (Football)

Ed "To Tall" Jones.jpeg

9)  Sam Jones, North Carolina Central University (Basketball)

Sam Jones.jpeg


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