10 Minority Serving Institutions with Predominantly Women Students

by Carol Sandoval

The U.S. is seeing a trend throughout colleges and universities: the demographics, including at Minority Serving Institutions, are shifting towards a majority women environment. While their numbers were once male-dominated, colleges and universities have seen an increase in the enrollment of women students. This week’s lineup will feature a variety of MSIs that have a larger ratio of women to men undergraduates.

A note on language: The statistics included below are based on student self-identification of sex and comfort with disclosure at time of enrollment. The data collected includes students who are cis, trans*, and non gender binary. There is certainly room for colleges and universities to begin publishing data in a way that includes the entire gender spectrum.

1) Shelton State Community College (HSI)—Tuscaloosa, AL


Hispanic Serving Institution | F: 57% – M: 43%

2) Bakersfield College (HSI)—Bakersfield, CA


Hispanic Serving Institution | F: 54% – M: 46%

3) California State University (HSI)—Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA


Hispanic Serving Institution | F: 69% – M: 31%

4) Fresno Pacific University (HSI)—Fresno, CA


Hispanic Serving Institution | F: 62% – M: 38%

5) Community College of Denver (HSI)—Denver, CO

Community College of Denver.jpeg

Hispanic Serving Institution | F: 57% – M: 43%

6) Cheyney University of Pennsylvania (HBCU)—Cheyney, PA


Historically Black College or University | F: 53% – M:47%

7) Little Big Horn College (TCU)—Crow Agency, MT


Tribal College or University | F: 62% – M:38%

8) University of Hawaii at Hilo (AANAPISI)—Hilo, HI


Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution | F: 58.8% – M:40.6%

9) Allen University (HBCU)—Columbia, SC

Historically Black College or University | F: 60% – M:40%

10) University of Alaska Southeast (ANSI)—Juneau, AK

Image result

Alaska Native Serving Institution | F: 58% – M: 42%

Why do you think that there are more female-identified students than male-identified students enrolled in MSIs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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