5 MSIs celebrating Filipino American History Month

by Tania Irwin

In November 2009, the United States Congress officially declared October to be Filipino American History Month. Since then, states, cities, public and private organizations, and institutions of higher education have celebrated Filipino American history and Filipino contributions to American history. In honor of Filipino American History Month, this week’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up features five Minority Serving Institutions that creatively celebrate Filipino American history!

1) University of Alaska at Anchorage (NASNTI)Anchorage, AK


UAA is collaborating with community partners to host a full-day of activities in honor of Filipino American History Month. Some of their activities include: a panel discussion on Filipino American Health Issues; a presentation on “From Kahon to Kapwa: Challenging Filipino Stereotypes to Build Community Power;” and cooking demonstrations of popular Filipino dishes such as pansit (traditional Filipino dish), lumpia (egg roll), adobo (meat cooked in soy sauce, garlic, soy sauce, and other spices), and turon (banana roll).

Learn more about the schedule of events here.

2) University of Hawaii at Hilo (AANAPISI)Hilo, HI


UH at Hilo is celebrating Filipino American History all month long, with events throughout the entire month of October! Some of their events include: a panel on the book Filipinas: Voices from Daughters and Descendants of Hawaii’s Plantation Era, a discussion on Filipinos in the labor movement in Hawaii, and a screening of the films, The Delano Manongs – Forgotten Heroes of the United Farm Workers (UFW) Movement (pictured above) and World War II in the Philippines.

Learn more about the schedule of events here.

3) San Diego State University (HSI)—San Diego, CA


SDSU doesn’t just celebrate Filipino American history during the month of October, but throughout the year! Every year, SDSU’s Andres Bonifacio Samahan Filipino club hosts Filipino Culture Night (FCN). FCN is a completely student-run production that shows historical and current events within the Filipino and Filipino-American community. As students participate in the festivities, they are able to learn about and preserve the Filipino Culture.

Follow AB Samahan on Facebook here for the latest events.

4) Montgomery College (AANAPISI)Rockville, MD


Once a year, Montgomery College’s Filipino American Club (MoCoFAM) invites the public to a General Body Meeting in which they celebrate Filipino American Heritage Month! MoCoFAM showcases Filipino food, art, music and traditions while highlighting famous Filipino-Americans, Filipino-American contributions, and Filipino history.

Learn more about MoCoFAM’s General Body Meeting here.

5) California State University, San Bernardino (HSI)San Bernardino, CA


Written and performed by Jason Magabo Perez, an assistant professor of fiction writing, this live, semi-autobiographical multimedia performance was presented at Cal State San Bernardino earlier this month. The literary work, ‘The Passion of El Hulk Hogancito,’ features a blend of fiction, drama, and illustrations and will be showcased in honor of Filipino American History Month.

Learn more about the event here.

Share more Filipino American History Month celebrations at Minority Serving Institutions in the comments below!

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