5 Famous MSI Homecoming Celebrations

by Aisha Bowen

November is the well-known month for homecoming celebrations across the country. Tailgates, football games, pep rallies, alumni forums, step shows, comedy shows, parades, and concerts are just a few of the many activities that take place during homecoming celebrations. Interestingly, MSIs are known for having some of the best and most unique  homecoming events.  Thus, today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up highlights 5 MSIs that have distinctive celebratory events!

1) Howard University (HBCU) — Washington, D.C.


Amongst the famous parties, tailgates, and parades at Howard University’s homecoming, they also hold special networking events. This year in particular, Howard University hosted the “HBCU All-Stars Networking Dinner and Reception” where HBCU grads gathered and discussed the great work being done within the HBCU network.

2) University of Maryland, College Park (AANAPISI) — College Park, MD

UMD .png

Various universities around the country host service projects as part of their homecoming celebrations. This year, UMD-College Park  hosted its 3rd annual homecoming community service event entitled,  “Terps Against Hunger Service Project.” This event brought together 2,000 students, staff, faculty, and community members who together packaged over 400,000 meals for a local food bank.

3) California State University, Fullerton (HSI) — Fullerton, CA

CSU Fullerton.png

Unlike most homecoming celebrations which are centered around football, some schools use other sports as the main event. CSU Fullerton, for example, hosts an annual basketball game as part of its homecoming celebration.

4) CUNY Medgar Evers College (PBI) — Brooklyn, NY


Faith-based concerts are a common tradition amongst MSI homecomings. CUNY Medgar Evers College is one school in particular that includes a gospel concert as a main event during their homecoming celebration. Kathy Taylor was the featured artist at CUNY Medgar Evers College’s most recent gospel show.

5) Fort Lewis College (NASNTI) — Durango, CO

fort lewis college.jpg

Many universities host some sort of concert as a part of their homecoming events. Fort Lewis College, in particular, annually hosts a “Skyfest” concert preceding their football game. This year’s headliners for the concert were Fortunate Youth and Scale the Summit.

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