6 MSIs that Volunteer Around the Globe

by Jillian Cener

Did you know that December 5th is International Volunteer Day? These six MSIs think that International Volunteer Day should be celebrated all year long and around the world! Check out the awesome things these students at MSIs have done this year to help others.

1) Florida International University (HSI) – Miami, FL

Cleaning Up Curacao


Students from Florida International University spent time in Curacao this year working with Uniek Curacao, an organization dedicated to preserving the nature on the island. Together, the students worked to make fertilizer, picked 1,200 pounds of trash out from the island’s waters, and planted mangroves. Though the group of students was small, they worked hard to make a difference!

2) Howard University (HBCU) – Washington, D.C.

Distributing Water in Flint


43 students from Howard University spent their spring break this year helping the residents of Flint, Michigan. The students collected and gave out bottles of water to the city’s residents who have been dealing with contamination in their water. While they were there, the Howard students also offered tutoring and homework help to local students.

3) Kean University (HSI) – Union, NJ

Rebuilding New Jersey


A group of 24 students and staff members from Kean University found ways to volunteer in their community over spring break. The group worked with A Future With Hope, an organization committed to repairing homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Students helped rebuild homes in the towns of Villas, NJ, Little Egg Harbor, NJ, and Atlantic City, NJ.

4) San Diego State University (HSI) – San Diego, CA

Developing Education in Guatemala


Comalapa, Guatemala was the spring break destination for ten students from San Diego State University this year. During their time in the country, students volunteered with an organization called Long Way Home by volunteering at their sustainable school. Students helped by building parts of the school, which is made almost entirely out of trash and seeks to shed light on the community’s non-existent waste management system.

5) University of Texas – Arlington (AANAPISI) – Arlington, TX

Second Chances in Louisiana


Students from the University of Texas – Arlington spent their spring break at various community organizations in central Louisiana, including the Manna House in Alexandria, the Youth Center of Pineville, and Re-Entry Solutions of Alexandria. Re-Entry Solutions believes in giving all former inmates a second chance, and students spent their time there by calling individuals and organizing workshops and activities.

6) Savannah State University (HBCU) – Savannah, GA

Volunteering Around the World


Students at Savannah State University had multiple options when choosing where to spend their spring break. Ten students chose to go to Washington, D.C., where they worked with homeless and youth populations. Another ten chose to go to Haiti, where they planted cocoa trees and helped install sustainable energy solutions. A final twelve students helped out at orphanages and women’s shelters in Trinidad & Tobago. These students’ actions are being felt worldwide!

These MSIs and their students know that volunteering is not just about one day of the year. How have you volunteered this year, and how will you do so in the new year? Share with us in the comment section below!

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