How 4 HBCUs are Celebrating Black History Month

by Larry McDaniel Jr.

Black History Month is upon us! It is such an exciting time of the year for many colleges and universities around the nation, but especially for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Given that HBCUs were primarily established to serve African American students, it is a time to further highlight the stories, achievements, experiences, faces, and triumphs of Black Americans. Today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up looks at 4 HBCUs and the events that they are hosting for Black History Month.

1) Xavier University (HBCU)—New Orleans, LA


As a part of Xavier University’s Black History Month events, they hosted two guest speakers on February 16th: Dr. Marc Lamont Hill (a professor, writer, and TV personality) and Shaun King (civil rights advocate and writer for the New York Daily News). Both spoke on controversial social and political, including police brutality, President Trump’s Administration, and race relations.

2) Howard University (HBCU)—Washington, D.C.


On February 23rd between 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Howard University will be hosting its monthly Bison Market, a fair that allows students and members of the community to showcase music, food, art, and more. This month, the fair will be appropriately themed to celebrate Black History Month.

3) Spelman College (HBCU)—Atlanta, GA


This month, ESPN W will spotlight Spelman College for its Black History Month Celebration. They will feature a story on how they discontinued their sports program five years ago in favor of the development of a wellness program. ESPN will “explore the state of the college today and the impact that redirecting the funds from athletics to wellness has had on its students.”

4) Tuskegee University (HBCU)—Tuskegee, AL


Tuskegee University has a host of Black History Month lectures laid out for the entirety of February. Some of the most noteworthy ones are: “The Importance of African-American History in the Age of Trump” by Dr. Steven A. Reich, Professor of History, James Madison University, and “Booker T. Washington and the Black Belt” by Dr. Robert Zabawa, Research Professor, College of Agriculture. For the complete list of the events, visit their online 2017 Black History Month Celebration flier.

Know how other HBCUs or MSIs are celebrating Black History Month this year? Share in the comments below!


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