STEM Opportunities at 9 AANAPISIs

by Carol Sandoval

On November 16, 2016, the U.S. Department of Education contributed to the advancement of minorities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Funded by the Higher Education Act of 1965, the following 9 AANAPISIs have each received more than $300,000 in grants to allocate towards STEM programs, curriculum revision, and student research. Today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up outlines the different ways in which these institutions are using these grants!

1) American River College (AANAPISI)—Sacramento, CA

Grant Awarded: $350,000

The ARC TRIO Student Support Services STEM Program at American River College provides students with financial and economic literacy workshops, transfer preparation and assistance, and individualized academic tutoring.

2) California State University East Bay (AANAPISI)—Hayward, CA

Grant Awarded: $349,998

At CSUEB, a newly-implemented project called CIRCLe Labs offers programs for students of all ages. By collaborating with community spaces, such as YMCAs and primary schools, CIRCLe Labs target a younger audience to instill a passion for STEM at an earlier age.

3) Mt. San Antonio College (AANAPISI/HSI)—Walnut, CA

Image result for Mt. San Antonio College pennant

Grant Awarded: $350,000

In order to keep the students on the right track towards the completion of STEM majors, Mt. San Antonio College offers a STEM Coaching Program. Students are grouped into teams of 3 students and are led by a Coach that “reinforces study, planning, and organization skills weekly and provides guidance toward improved performance.”

4) University of California Irvine (AANAPISI)—Irvine, CA

Grant Awarded: $302,242

The NASA Student Airborne Research Program at UCI provides students with the opportunity to work with faculty and research mentors to learn more about instrument operation, sample analysis, and data reduction.

5) Bunker Hill Community College (AANAPISI)—Boston, MA

Grant Awarded: $344,859

The STEM Starter Academy at Bunker Hill Community College gives students the opportunity to complete two semesters of math over the summer. This free program eases the process of majoring in STEM.

6) Middlesex Community College (AANAPISI)—Lowell, MA

Grant Awarded: $346,449

Middlesex Community College aims to create of a pipeline of students into STEM programs. MCC has several STEM programs that prepare students for either immediate entry into a STEM career or a baccalaureate STEM program.

7) University of Massachusetts Boston (AANAPISI)—Boston, MA

Grant Awarded: $350,000

The University of Massachusetts Boston hosts a STEM Career & Internship Expo that connects current students with alumna. At the expo, students hear from a panel of discussants and then have the opportunity to network with the professionals in attendance.

8) University of Nevada Las Vegas (AANAPISI)—Las Vegas, NV

Grant Awarded: $349,999

Seniors at the College of Engineering at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas are required to present a senior design. After their submission, students are able to collaborate with MBA students from the Lee Business School to enter their project into business plan competitions.

9) CUNY Hunter (AANAPISI)—New York City, NY

Grant Awarded: $349,565

Since 1992, first, second, and third year students at CUNY Hunter have had the opportunity to apply to the Early Identification Program which “provides undergraduates with training and mentoring in the principles underlying the conduct of research and prepares them to pursue competitive applications to graduate schools.”


Know of other AANAPISIs doing great work in STEM? Share in the comments below!

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