5 MSIs Jetsetting Across the World This Summer

by Jillian Cener

Summer is upon us, which means students all over the country are getting ready to embark on a variety of enriching opportunities before the fall semester starts. In today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up, we highlight five Minority Serving Institutions that are taking students on adventures across the globe to experience new sights, sounds, and cultures.

1) Broward College (HSI)—Fort Lauderdale, FL

Culture & Communication in Toronto, Canada


Dr. Daniele Ottati-Reperger will be leading a two-week summer session in Toronto, Canada. Students will earn credits for two courses, “Introduction to Public Speaking” and “Foundations of the Humanities,” as they study Toronto through an interdisciplinary lens. Outside of the classroom, students will also get to visit Niagara Falls, North America’s only castle, and Toronto’s many cultural neighborhoods. Click here for more information.

2) San Diego State University (HSI)—San Diego, CA

Issues and Initiatives Impacting Women in Rural Uganda


Dr. Judy Shepher, who served as a Fulbright Senior Scholar in Uganda, will be taking students to the country for seventeen day this summer. Students will visit various locations in the country, learning about issues regarding education, health, and poverty. There will also be opportunities for service projects during the trip. Click here for more information.

3) University of Illinois at Chicago (AANAPISI)—Chicago, IL

Social Services Internships in Paris, France


The Director of Internships in Applied Psychology, Kathryn Engel, will be facilitating a month-long session in Paris, France this summer. Students on the trip will complete internships in social service organizations around the city, addressing issues such as homelessness, domestic violence, and challenges faced by incoming refugees. Three days a week will be spent at the internship sites, leaving time for cultural excursions around France. Click here for more information.

4) University of Hawaii at Manoa (AANAPISI)—Honolulu, HI

Japanese Language Study in Kōbe, Japan


Dr. Susan Nakaoka will be serving as the Faculty Resident Director on a six-week journey to Kōbe, Japan. This trip is a perfect way for UHM students to study the Japanese language through intensive classes and experiential learning, thereby fulfilling their foreign language requirement for graduation. Students will be able to further practice the language by staying with Japanese host families! Click here for more information.

5) Clayton State University (PBI)—Morrow, GA

Business in India


Professor John Mascaritolo will direct a May study abroad session to India. Students on this trip will be exposed to Indian culture and history in an effort to better understand the country’s business environment. Besides earning course credits, students will also get to experience excursions to business organizations, cultural sites, and museums. Click here for more information.

How do you plan on spending your time this summer? Share below if you or someone you know will be experiencing a summer abroad!



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