4 MSIs Recognized as Top Entrepreneur Colleges and Universities

by Carol Sandoval

Each year, entrepreneur.com publishes a list of top 25 institutions that have excelled in the field of entrepreneurship.  In the past 5 years, four MSIs have been recognized for their curriculum in educating the top entrepreneurs in the country. Read more about the successes of these MSIs below!

1) University of Houston (HSI)—Houston, TX

The University of Houston has been recognized for its 47 entrepreneur-related undergraduate courses and funding successes. University of Houston alumni have started 116 companies in the past 10 years and have raised more than $35 million in funding.

2) University of Southern California (AANAPISI)—Los Angeles, CA

As a founder of one of the oldest entrepreneur programs in the nation, University of Southern California remains as one of the producers of the most successful entrepreneurs.

3) CUNY Bernard M Baruch College (AANAPISI)—New York, NY

During the academic year, Bernard Baruch students compete in startup competitions and have had many successful outcomes. In 2015, students won over $280,000 with the help of their mentors and school programs.

4) University of Maryland-College Park (AANAPISI)—College Park, MD

The Robert H. School of Business at the University of Maryland has one of the highest number of students enrolled in entrepreneurship classes. Over 6,500 students are enrolled in 64 of the entrepreneurship classes that are offered — such as “Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity” and “Experiential Learning in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship.”

Know of any other Minority Serving Institutions with programs or organizations boosting entrepreneurship? Let us know in the comments below!

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