7 MSIs with Summer Bridge Programs

by Jillian Cener

While the summer is a time for many people to relax and unwind, today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up showcases students working hard to prepare for the fall semester! These seven MSIs have summer bridge programs that help incoming first-year students acclimate to campus life and get a head start on earning credits. Way to go, students – we see your hard work and determination!

1) Florida International University (HSI) – Miami, FL


The Golden Scholars Bridge Program at FIU is a summer program for first-generation college students. These students will live on campus for six weeks during the summer, getting an early start on their college career. Successful completion of the summer program will allow students to enroll as Golden Scholars in the university for the fall semester.

2) California State University, Northridge (HSI) – Northridge, CA

Faculty Pic

CSUN’s Summer Bridge program is designed to support at-risk African American and Chicano/Latino students from the Los Angeles area. These students will spend six weeks on campus the summer before their first semester, where they can take classes with the Pan African Studies Department. During this time, students will also learn skills necessary for college success, like budgeting and time management.

3) San Francisco State University (AANAPISI) – San Francisco, CA


As part of the Educational Opportunity Program, SFSU will invite 100 students to participate in an eight-week Summer Bridge Program. Though this program is not residential, students will have the opportunity to get acclimated to campus and the resources that are available to them. The goal of this program is to allow participants “to formulate a strong sense of belonging and connectedness to EOP and the university.”

4) University of Texas at Arlington (AANAPISI/HSI) – Arlington, TX


UT Arlington’s Summer Bridge program is specifically designed for students who do not meet automatic admission requirements, but still show great potential for success. As part of the program, students will complete six credit hours of math and English over the summer. After successful completion in the summer, students can go on to take ten credit hours in their fall semester, and then become a full-time student with fifteen credit hours in the spring.

5) University of New Mexico (AANAPISI/HSI) – Albuquerque, NM


The UNM Division of Student Affairs, together with American Indian Student Services, provides an American Indian Summer Bridge Program to help incoming American Indian freshmen prepare for life on campus. The five-week program contains a residential program, college coursework, and skill-building.

6) Jackson State University (HBCU) – Jackson, MS


JSU’s Bridge to the Future program was created to increase the number of STEM graduates and decrease the time it takes to graduate for program participants. Each year, 130 students take courses in math and science, while also participating in cultural activities throughout the two summer sessions.

7) Clayton State University (PBI) – Morrow, GA


CSU offers a 4.5-week Bridge Program for students as an opportunity to learn about campus resources, while also earning course credit. Participants of the program will benefit from workshops on academic skills and leadership development, individualized advising, and an optional residential experience. Successful completion of the program allows students to return in the fall semester.

Do you know any other MSIs helping incoming students prepare over the summer? Let us know in the comment section below!


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