5 MSIs with Women’s Centers

by Tania Irwin

Today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up is dedicated to MSIs that house women’s centers.

1) The WISE Women’s Center: City University of New York, Brooklyn College (AANAPISI)—Brooklyn, NY


The Brooklyn College WISE Women’s Center is actually one of the oldest collegiate women’s centers in the U.S. The plan and implement programs that raise awareness of women’s issues and work to empower women to live a life that reduces victimization, encourages self-sufficiency and independence, and sustain self-awareness. In honor of Women’s History Month, the WISE Women’s Center will be hosting a film series and series of workshops. A few of the workshops include: a Safe Sex Workshop on March 16th and a Self-Defense workshop on March 28th. Find out more about their center here.

2) The Women’s Center: North Carolina Central University (HBCU)—Durham, NC


The Women’s Center at NCCU provides leadership training, programming and academic support to the women of NCCU in all areas that effect women. The center hosts a Real Talk speaking series in which guest speakers educate the young women of NCCU’s campus on a variety of topics concerning management, self-care, gender, safety, and leadership. This month’s Real Talk is entitled: Manage Your Man, Yourself, and Yo’ Money. Sounds pretty interesting. We see you NCCU. Find out more about their center here.

3) The Women’s Center: Tennessee State University (HBCU)—Nashville, TN


The mission of the Women’s Center at TSU is to provide resources for women that walk the campus while establishing a safe, diverse and empowering environment. On March 21st, TSU will host their annual Women of Legend and Merit Awards program.This is an annual celebration in which the TSU community extends appreciation to dynamic women leaders in business, entertainment, and other areas within the community. WLMA is designed to bring awareness and raise funds for the Women’s Center and also exposes the women of TSU to positive role models, networking opportunities and resources that will enhance their growth. We salute YOU TSU! Find out more about their center here.

4) The Women’s Center: Florida International University (HSI)—Miami, FL


The Women’s Center at FIU provides women with programs and services that cultivate their academic, professional, social, and emotional growth. We educate and advocate for systemic changes that will improve the lives of women and men.On March 21st & 22nd, Women Who Lead Conference. The purpose of this conference is to enrich and enhance the leadership development of the women of FIU. The conference includes: networking breakfast, panel discussion, trivia program, a networking lunch and  keynote speakers. This year’s theme is Be Your Own Superhero. What’s that in the sky? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s FIU! Find out more about their center here.

5) The Women’s Leadership and Resource Center: The University of Illinois, Chicago (AANAPISI)— Chicago, IL


The Women’s Leadership and Resource Center of the University of Illinois at Chicago serves as a resource for the entire campus community although they place emphasis on the diverse women population. They work to promote gender equity, raise awareness of gender issues, develop leadership, and celebrate the accomplishments of women. The theme for this year’s Women’s Heritage Month celebration is Reproductive Justice in which programs and conversations will center around reproductive health and sexual freedom. Throughout their celebration the WLRC will host a Reproductive Justice Film Series and at the end of the month there will be a panel discussion about the films. Find out more about their center here.

Know more support centers for women on Minority Serving Institution campuses? Share in the comments below!

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