7 Partnerships Between Federal Government Agencies and MSIs

by Carmen Ye

As our government expands its workforce diversity, many agencies have partnered with MSIs to bring more talent into the fold. These partnerships allow government agencies to recruit directly from MSIs and expand the pipeline for those looking to enter civil service. Some opportunities are internships, while others can lead to direct hire positions. In today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up, we highlight 7 government agencies and departments that have partnerships with MSIs.

1) Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management

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The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities has created a pipeline program with the Bureau for Land Management. In 2016, HACU placed 32 interns with the BLM through their Direct Hire Authority Resource Assistant Internship Program. This contract will allow BLM to use direct hire authority to hire interns into civil service upon completion of the 11-week internship and graduation of their degree program.

2) Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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The NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority Serving Institutions has 4 components: Cooperative Science Centers that are each led by an MSI; Undergraduate
Scholarship Program that increases the number of students who attend MSIs and graduate with degrees in fields integral to NOAA’s mission; Graduate Research and Training Scholarship Program to provide opportunities for graduate students with MSIs; and NOAA Experiential Research Training Opportunities to increase engagement between MSIs and NOAA.

Read more about it here.

3) Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration

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The MSI internship program at FAA provides students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, students attending a college or university with a high percentage of Asian American and Pacific Islanders, Tribal Colleges and Universities and Students with Disabilities the opportunity to participate in internship opportunities throughout the United States. The internship includes students from academic backgrounds such as Air Traffic Control, Aviation Management, Business Administration, Computer Science, and Economics. Compensation includes a weekly stipend, plus the cost of travel, orientations, workshops, field trips, mentoring, and coaching.

Read more about it here.

4) Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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The objectives of the NRC partnership with MSIs include, but are not limited to, research and development opportunities, on-the- job training, mentoring, year-round internships within NRC affiliated labs, and increasing recruitment and retention at MSIs for students
interested in career goals related to NRC’s mission. NRC is also able to provide more expansive support services to strengthen the capacity of MSIs to educate and train students; and to conduct research in the field of science, engineering, law, information technology, and other fields.

Read more about it here.

5) Department of Homeland Security

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The MSI program at DHS has 3 program initiatives: Summer
Research Team program to engage early career faculty,
undergraduate, and graduate students in research at DHS Centers of
Excellence (COE); Scientific Leadership Award Program to develop
homeland security science and engineering research and education
programs at MSIs; and Faculty Exchange Program for faculty from
MSI partners to reside at a COE and collaborate on research.

Read more about it here.

6) Coast Guard

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As part of the Coast Guard’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, it has partnered with MSIs to build a diverse workforce that engages Coast Guard members at all levels. A key component is the College Student Pre-Commission Initiative, which helps students pay for college tuition and includes pay and benefits. Current partnerships include Florida International University, Virginia State University, Hampton University, and Xavier University.

Read more about it here.

7) U.S. Agency for International Development

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The USAID MSI Program’s mission is to facilitate an environment
where U.S. MSIs become USAID partners by successfully competing
for USAID awards and by engaging in U.S. foreign assistance
activities. The USAID MSI Program provides support to minority-
serving U.S. higher education institutions interested in USAID
programs and activities and promotes the interests, capabilities, and
experience of MSIs within USAID.

Read more about it here.


Know of more partnerships between MSIs and Federal Government Agencies? Share them in the comments below!

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