5 Environmental Studies Programs at MSIs

by Aisha Bowen

Recent horrific natural disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey in Texas and the mudslides in Sierra Leone, are poignant reminders about environmental dangers. With these occurrences as well global warming on rise, it is important now, more than ever, to study the environment and do our part to preserve our precious earth. Today’s Monday Morning Line Up highlights 5 MSIs that are training students for this task through environmental studies programs.

 1. University of Maryland Eastern Shore (HBCU)—Princess Anne, MD

UMD Eastern Shore

The University of Maryland Eastern shore offers degrees in branches of Environmental Science at both the Bachelors and Masters level. According to the University website, undergraduates can earn a four-year Baccalaureate of Science degree in either the Environmental Chemistry or the Marine Science option. The post-graduate level program is called the “Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science (MEES).” MEES offers masters and doctoral degrees in four Foundations including Environment & Society, Earth & Ocean Science, Ecological Systems, and Environmental Molecular Science & Technology.

Read more about the program here

2. University of Alaska Anchorage (NASNTI)—Anchorage, AK


The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Alaska Anchorage offers a Bachelors of Science in Environment and Society. This degree in prepares students for careers in “environmental advocacy, policy setting and analysis, education, urban and resource planning, and graduate studies in a variety of disciplines.” 

Read more about the program here

3. University of California, Santa Barbara (HSI)—Santa Barbara, CA


UC Santa Barbara

U.S. News ranked UC Santa Barbara as #12 best global University for Environment/Ecology (see rankings here). Both the B.A. and B.S. in Environmental Studies programs offered focus on the relationships between the humanities, social sciences, and natural science disciplines.

Read more about the program here

4. University of Hawai’i at Mānoa (AANAPISI/AANH)—Honolulu, HI

UH Manoa

The Environmental Studies program at UH Mānoa is a interdisciplinary program created by the Environmental Center. Students who wish to pursue a BA in Environmental Studies can focus their courses on either the “social or natural/physical sciences.”  Students are prepared for jobs such as “environmental resource managers, environmental specialists, hazardous waste managers.”

Read more about the program here

5. Southern University and A&M College (HBCU)—Baton Rouge, LA



Southern A&M’s Environmental Studies programs fall under Biological Sciences department. Interestingly, the University established the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies (CEES). with the purpose of promoting interdisciplinary research and coordinating environmental energy curricula development activities. The CEES  has elevated the University as a leading HBCU in responding to the federal government’s contracting needs in this field.

Read more about the program here.

Know of other Environmental Studies at MSIs? Share them in the comments below!

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