4 MSI Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations

by Aisha Bowen

In the US, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15th through October 15th. Throughout the month, multiple events are held on university campuses to celebrate the rich history of Hispanic individuals who are both affiliated with the institutions and in the community. Today’s Monday Morning Line Up highlights 4 MSI’s with unique Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations.

1) University of Houston (AANAPISI)—Houston, Texas




The University of Houston holds a series of events throughout the month that include art exhibits, political activism discussions, cultural expression dialogues, and celebrations. The University’s Urban Experience program recently began hosting an Annual Celebración “paying tribute to the generations of Latino/as who have influenced and enriched our nation and society.” Learn more about UH’s Hispanic Heritage Month events here.

2) University of the Pacific (AANAPISI)—San Francisco, CA


University of the Pacific’s Hispanic Heritage month celebrations include speakers, musical performances, ballets, Men’s and Women’s soccer games, festivals and much more! Each of the events are unique ways for the University community to celebrate Latino heritage and culture. Learn more about University of Pacific Latinx Heritage Month Celebrations here.

3) Texas A&M University Corpus Christi (HSI)—Corpus Christi, TX



Texas A&M University Corpus Christi’s Hispanic Heritage month is supported by multiple university and community programs. Some of those organizations include the Islander Cultural Alliance, Department of Humanities Spanish Program, Mexican American Studies Program, The Minority Advance Project of Texas, local libraries, and the Student Nurses Association. These groups organize events such as movie screenings, a Hispanic film series, poetry readings, open house celebrations, and educational advancement dialogues. Learn more these events here.

4) Nova Southeastern University (HSI)—Fort Lauderdale, FL


Nova SouthEastern University


NSU’s Hispanic Heritage month celebrates all Hispanic ethnicities with specific events related to Argentinian, Venezuelan, and Cuban culture. There is a film festival, book fiesta (celebrating Hispanic early literacy books), virtual Cuban architecture tour, musical performances, and even a Hispanic Community  Health Care luncheon. Learn more about the events here.

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