Art Studies at 7 Minority Serving Institutions

by Carol Sandoval

Golden harvest-fields, amber sunlight, a full spectrum of warm hues. Beauty surrounds us on a regular autumn day. The ambience is peaceful and artistic. As a tribute to the starting fall season, today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up features seven Minority Serving Institutions cultivating today’s budding artists.

1) California College of the Arts (AANAPISI)—Oakland, CA

Led by incredible faculty and mentors, students at California College of the Arts have the option of choosing amongst twenty-two concentrations. From film, to interior design, to sculpture, there is a major for every artist out there!

2) Delaware State University (HBCU)—Dover, DE

Art Education, a major offered at Delaware State University, trains students to teach art at the K-12 level. The major combines studio art and professional preparation. During their last year, seniors in the major are required to have real-world experience in the classroom as Teaching Assistants at local schools.

3) Laguna College of Art and Design (AANAPISI)—Laguna Beach, CA

As new phone apps become more prominent in today’s society, Game Design, one of twelve majors offered at Laguna College of Art and Design, has become a popular choice among many. Students learn to combine game design, marketing, and business acumen.

4) Hampton University (HBCU)—Hampton, VA

At Hampton University, students are presented with many opportunities to pursue a career in the arts. Art students are encouraged to showcase their own art in local galleries and exhibits while Theater students are invited to attend conferences by the National Association for Dramatics and Speech Arts.

5) Otis College of Art and Design (AANAPISI)—Los Angeles, CA

Located in the West Coast Fashion Capital, Otis College of Art and Design capitalizes on its resource-rich environment. Doubling as a think-tank for industry innovation, Otis collaborates with many employers to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for their students. Some majors include Fashion Design, Communication and Architecture.

6) Escuela de Artes Plasticas de Puerto Rico (HSI)—San Juan, PR

Offering majors in graphic design, digital design, sculpture, and industrial design, Escuela de Artes Plasticas in Puerto Rico also hosts professional development workshops for students pursuing a career in the arts.

7) Claflin University (HBCU)—Orangeburg, SC


With majors in Art Education, Digital Design or Studio Art, Claflin University encourage students to explore their artistic horizons by visiting regional museums and studying abroad.

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