6 Nutrition Programs at MSIs

by Carol Sandoval

October is prime planting season. Some of the most delicious fall crops, including broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, are key ingredients to making kid-friendly, healthy meals. Nationally, there is a day dedicated to increasing focus on healthy eating and physical activity for children. The holiday, Child Health Day, is celebrated annually on the first Monday of October. In observance of today’s holiday, today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up highlights 6 nutrition programs at MSIs!

1) Nutrition and Dietetics:  Fullerton College (AANAPISI/HSI)—Fullerton, CA

Students at Fullerton College are able to attain an Associate’s Degree at Fullerton College and easily transfer to a California State University as a Nutrition and Dietetics major. Coursework for the degree includes instruction in nutrition, foods, psychology, chemistry, and microbiology.

2) Nutrition Science:  Georgia Perimeter College (PBI)—Atlanta, Georgia

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Nutrition Science at Georgia Perimeter College encourages students to analyze nutrition through different contexts. Offered course include Nutrition and Culture, Diabetes Prevention, and Nutrition for Children.

3) Family and Consumer Sciences: Tennessee State University (HBCU)—Nashville, TN

The Family and Consumer Sciences major at Tennessee State University has many subgroups. One of of the subgroups is Foods and Nutrition. Through this program, TSU hopes to educate the next generation of nutrition professionals working in the healthcare facilities, community health settings, and commercial establishments.

4) Nutrition, Dietetics, & Food Management: Murray State College (NASNTI)Tishomingo, OK

With the mission of preparing students as future food and nutrition professionals, Murray State College offers course in business of foods and food service management and dietetics. At Murray, student are given the opportunity to graduate as Registered Dietitians (RD).

5) Nutrition and Dietetics: Oakwood University (HBCU)Huntsville, AL



This major at Oakwood University not only prepares students in understanding the socio-cultural, psychological, economic and political factors influencing food choice but it also gives students the opportunity to participate in health seminars and related community volunteer work.

6) Health Education: Kentucky State University (HBCU)Frankfort, KY

Image result for Kentucky State University

After the completion of 45 credit hours, students are eligible to apply for this unique program. As apart of the School of Education at Kentucky State, the program trains students to lead a curriculum on health education.

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