5 Community Service Programs at MSIs

by Aisha Bowen

During the Thanksgiving and holiday season, there are often food drives, coat and blanket drives, and other forms of community service for those in need. These needs are present year round and deserve the attention of community members to support. Interestingly, Colleges and Universities are some of the lead organizers in community service initiatives in their respective cities. Today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up highlights 5 MSIs with dynamic community service programs and initiatives.

1) University of Washington, Bothell (AANAPISI)–Bothell, WA

UW Bothell


UW-Bothell’s The Office of Community-Based Learning and Research offers resources to help students identify which service organizations work best with the students’ interests and class schedule. Partnered Seattle based organizations include: United Way King County, United Way of Snohomish County, Seattle Works, Volunteer Match, and many more. Learn more about the resources that UW-Brothell’s Office of Community Based Learning and Research Offers here.

 2) University of Hawai’i at Hilo (AANH)–Hilo, HI

UH Hilo

UH Hilo has a Campus and Community Service Center involves community members, faculty, administration , and staff in community service initiatives and activities. Activities and initiatives include a beach clean up day, Hunger Banquet (raising awareness about world hunger), Read Across America (educational outreach for K-12 students), sustainability fair, and much more. Learn more about UH Hilo’s Community service initiatives here.

3) Tougaloo College (HBCU)–Tougaloo, MS



Tougaloo College’s Student Academic Success Center (SACS) serves as the liaison between TC community, communities serving TC, and non-profit service organizations in the greater Jackson, MS area (source). The SACS has three main types of service for those interested:

Direct Service: Efforts that put individuals in direct contact with those in need, i.e., soup kitchen, homeless shelter, tutorial, etc.

Indirect Service: Efforts that use and funnel resources (especially administrative, organizational, or financial resources) to the community through individuals or organization; there is little to no involvement with service-recipients

Advocacy:  Service wherein individuals use words and talents to help eliminate a specific problem (source).

Learn more about specific initiatives through SACS here.

4) Rogers State University (NASNTI)–Claremore, OK

Rogers State


Rogers State University holds 8 main Community Service events with students. All three service are centered on education, environment, and community well-being (i.e. providing clothes, food, etc.). Some of RSU’s most popular events include a scholarship fair, Pryor Creek Trail Adoption, and a county wide Angel Tree Project. Learn more about RSU’s dynamic service initiatives here!

5) Winston-Salem State University (HBCU)–Winston-Salem, NC


Winston-Salem State University’s Community Service Committee’s service initiatives have an emphasis on community engagement, social justice, and leadership. WSSU’s community partnerships/initiatives include Diaper Bank, Nurse Family Partnership, Salem Pregnancy Care, and Circles Program. Learn more about the Community Service Committee here.

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