5 Food Support Service Programs at MSIs

by Aisha Bowen

The holiday season is prime time for giving in America. Everything from toys to food is given at organizations and in communities across the nation. However, the end of the holiday season does not mean the needs of communities end. MSIs play a key role in providing ongoing food service support programs for local community members. Today’s Monday Morning MSI Line Up highlights 5 MSIs with dynamic food pantry and other food support service programs.

1) College of Menominee Nation (TCU)Keshena, WI



The College of Menominee Nation’s (CMN) fight against hunger is grounded in their mission of becoming a nation with “food sovereignty.” Food Sovereignty is described on the CMN website at follows: “The term was first coined by Via Campesina, an international grassroots organization, in 1996. Food Sovereignty asserts that the people who produce, distribute, and consume food should control the mechanisms and policies of food production and distribution, rather than corporations and markets that have come to dominate the global food system” (menominee.edu). With this goal in mind, CMS has a community garden program, provides community cooking classes and holds the Kehtekaewak Farmers Market –the only farmers market on the entire Menominee Reservation. Learn more about CMN’s steps toward Food Sovereignty and fight against hunger here.

2) Orange Coast College (AANAPISI)Costa Mesa, CA


Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College’ s Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) program provides support to students experiencing academic and economic barriers. A portion of that support includes the EOPS food pantry. Items include food, hygiene items, and diapers. Learn more about Orange Coast College’s EOPS food pantry and other support programs here.

3) Paul Quinn College (HBCU)Dallas, TX

Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn College’s dedication to eradicating community poverty was shown in leadership building an organic farm on the campus football field. Since it’s inception in 2010, the farm has grown over  30,000 pounds of produce. At least 10 percent of the farm’s produce is donated to local charities. Learn more about great work of Paul Quinn College’s farm here.

4) Brandman University (HSI)Irvine, CA


Brandman University

Brandman University’s online campus hosts a food drive each year to support community members in need. BU’s food drive supports the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, where many of BU’s employees reside. BU’s donation is extremely important because the Second Harvest food bank serves over 200,000 people every month. Learn more about Brandman University’s annual food drive and how they help support Orange County here.

5) University of North Carolina at Pembroke (NASNTI)Pembroke, NC

UNC Pembroke

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke’s (UNCP) Office of Community and Civic Engagement Division was designed to support students and community members in need. Under this office, the UNCP CARE Resource Center offers a food pantry and professional clothing closet to all students, faculty, staff, and community members.  Learn more about the UNCP CARE Resource Center here.

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