6 Competitive Higher Education/Higher Education Administration Degrees at MSIs

by Kelly C. Lewis

Teachers are important to every community; they contribute to each aspect of society and their influence to touch all our lives is unprecedented. The role of a teacher doesn’t stop after the K-12 system. When student graduate out of secondary education, it is role of the student affairs employees, campus administrators, upper level administrations job to ensure students learning continues. A degree in higher education prepares students for the profession of becoming a faculty or staff member in a college or university. These programs generally equip students with the knowledge and skills in areas of college teaching, human development, campus environments, governance, and educational leadership. This week post features 6 Competitive Higher Education Programs from MSIs.

*the numbers do not coincide with competitive rankings

1) Florida International University (HSI)—Miami, FL


Florida International University offers two advanced degree options in the realm of higher education. Students can choose between a Master of Science in Higher Education Administration or a doctoral program in Higher Education. Both programs are designed to   prepare graduates to serve in a variety of roles at colleges and universities. The master’s program requires 36 credit hours. As an added bonus, the GRE is not a requirement for the M.S. in Higher Education Administration Program.

2) CUNY Bernard M Baruch College (AANAPISI)—Manhattan, NY


CUNY Bernard M Baruch College offers a Master of Science in Degree in Higher Education Administration program. This program is designed for individuals interested in careers as administrators, directors, managers, and experts of college campuses programs and services.  The MS in Education Higher Education Administration applicants are required to submit official GRE scores, but may request a waiver within the application. To qualify for the waiver is contingent up successful completion of a Master’s program or a strong undergraduate academic record. There is a 39-credit requirement, however 3 credits are internship based. Additionally, there is a part-time option.

3) Georgia Southern University (PBI)—Statesboro, GA


Georgia Southern University’s Master of Education in Higher Education Administration program will prepare you for any tertiary institution, rather than 2 or 4 years, public or private, comprehensive or proprietary.  This 36-credit program emphasizes human development, governance, finance, law, and research. Official GRE scores are required in the admission process. Georgia Southern University also offers a Doctor of Education in Educational leadership in P-12 and Higher Education.

4) Northeastern State University (NASNTI)—Tahlequah, OK


Northeastern State University Master of Science in Higher Education Leadership is designed to provide leaders with essential knowledge and skills to become leaders in college and university settings. Graduates of this program will have the opportunity to seek employment in tribal and global organizations.  Northern State University requires the GRE for admission. 16 hours of graduate course work and a master thesis/ capstone/research paper is required.

5) University of Maryland – College Park (AANAPISI) — College Park, MD


University of Maryland—College Park offers two higher education based programs. Students have the opportunity to choose between the masters in Higher Education or Student Affairs. Also, their International Education Policy program offers a focus of PK-Higher education. Although you select your concentration, students have the ability to take elective classes from all concentrations. This allows each student to have a unique degree tailored to their interest and future career goals. The GRE is a program specific requirement.

6) The University Of Southern California (AANAPISI)—Los Angeles, CA


The University of Southern California’s (USC) Higher education programs is consistently ranked in the top 10 by U.S.News & World Report. Applicants can choose between a Ph.D. in Higher Education Policy, Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration, or Masters in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs (PASA). PASA prepares graduates for various roles within a university and college setting. Students must complete 26 units of core classes, 9 elective units, 3 fieldwork units, and complete a seminar or thesis for 3 or 4 units. GRE scores are required. Additionally, USC waives the $90 application fee for students who meet certain eligibility criteria.

Do you know any other Competitive Higher Education Programs at MSIs? Share in the comments below!


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