6 Vacation Getaways Near MSIs

by Carol Sandoval

With spring breaks happening across the nation, college students are looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate. Luckily for these Minority-Serving Institutions, they are conveniently located near some of the top tourist spots.

1) Santa Fe Community College (HSI)—Santa Fe, NM

Only a 10-minute drive to Santa Fe National Forest, Santa Fe Community College has the perfect camping getaways. The campus is less than an hour away from two prime hiking terrains, Los Alamos and Valles Caldera. Valles Caldera also houses one of three of the United States’ Super Volcanoes.

2) Miami Dade College (HSI)—Miami, FL

Located in downtown Miami, Miami Dade students take advantage of the beach year-round, including peak season. Only a few blocks away, Miami Beach is one of the top 10 lists of spring break destinations for most college students.

3) Mount Angel Seminary (HSI)—Benedict, OR

The Hoyt Arboretum in Oregon is a botanical garden 50 minutes away from Mount Angel Seminary. The visitor center offers private tours of the gardens in addition to scheduled programming in the fall and spring months. This peaceful getaway

4) Paul Quinn College (HBCU)—Dallas, TX

Calling all football fans! The AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX is only a 30-minute drive from Paul Quinn College. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or an occasional spectator, the close proximity of the stadium entices students to take a break from studying and enjoy one of many games during football season.

5) Le Moyne-Owen College (HBCU)—Memphis, TN

Beale Street, comprised of much history and culture, is iconic in Memphis nightlife. Home to the blues music genre, the restaurants, and museums on the street are inspired by the brassy tones and soulful emotions. Beale Street is walking distance from Le Moyne Owen College.

6) Virginia Union University (HBCU)—Richmond, VA

Although it is two hours from Virginia Union University, the Massanutten Resort is a getaway with something for everyone. The resort includes a waterpark, a golf course, and ski lifts. For most college students, this resort could potentially be the perfect escape during spring break.

If you could visit any of these 6 vacation spots for the weekend, where would you go? Let us know in the comment below!

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