5 Scholarships Designed for MSI students

Two of the most prominent buzz words of high school experiences: college and scholarships. It’s general knowledge that post-secondary education is the ticket to a better life. However, this ticket comes at a high price. The cost of college has grown exponentially and for many low-income and middle-class families, it is becoming impossible to pay for college without financial assistance. Scholarships have become one of the most sought out methods to offset the cost of higher education and experiences associated with attending. Free resources to find scholarships such as fastweb.com or scholarship.com can be a time-consuming task. Thus, this week’s MSI Line Up features scholarships designed for students attending Minority Serving Institutions.

1) Minority Serving Institution (MSI) Scholarship Program—Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

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Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) offers scholarships to students who plan to attend an NROTC affiliated MSI. Though the Minority Serving Institution (MSI) Scholarship is open to any gender, race, or ethnic background, applicants must meet SAT or ACT thresholds and must be a Navy Option applicant. To learn more, click here.

2) EPP/MSI Undergraduate Scholarship Program— National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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The EPP/MSI Undergraduate Scholarship provides funds for students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to conduct research at an NOAA’s facility for two summers. The scholarship program encompasses travel, conference participation, and an 11 week paid internship and training. Eligibility requirement and additional information can be found on their website.

3) Minority Serving Institution (MSI) Scholarship—Semester at Sea

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Diversity Abroad and Semester at Sea partner up to offer a scholarship designed for students attending Minority Serving Institutions. The scholarship award is $5000 and provided two times during the year (fall and spring). Funds will go directly to your voyage program through Semester at Sea. There is no GPA requirement associated with this scholarship. Students can find a list of Study/Travel country and link to apply here.

4) HBCU/HSI/Tribal Scholarship—Middlebury Language Schools

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Middlebury Language Schools offer scholarships to students enrolled at Historically Black College, Tribal Colleges, and Hispanic Serving Institutions. Recipients of this award receive funding for tuition, room, and board for one summer of language-intensive study. Applicants show high academic achievement and a strong interest in the eleven languages taught. Additional financial aid is available as well. There is a $75 application fee, but fee waivers are available. To learn more about application requirements click here.

 5) Minority-Serving Institution Award—Columbia College of Arts and Sciences


Interested in graduate study? The Minority Serving Institutions award offers funding assistance for graduates of MSIs. The award waives the application fee and covers at least 40 percent of tuition for students applying to a Columbian college graduate program. To qualify, you must be admitted to a graduate program at a Columbia college. All MSI graduates are not eligible; a complete list and other additional information can be found here.

Know of other MSI scholarships? Share in the comments below!

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