8 Culinary Programs at MSIs

by Carol Sandoval

As the culinary industry rapidly grows, Minority Serving Institutions are training the next generation of culinarians. Culinary programs at MSIs teach students about the presentation, taste, and texture of dishes. After completing any of these programs, students are presented with many career opportunities. Learn more about these opportunities in today’s MSI Line Up which highlights eight culinary programs at MSIs.


1) Johnson & Wales University (HSI)North Miami, FL

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Johnson & Wales University offers a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts. Within this major, there are ten different concentrations including: baking, restaurant management, culinary science, and food entrepreneurship. As students specialize in one or two of these concentrations, they are also equipped with internships, professional connections, and on-the-job experiences.

2) Arizona Western College (HSI)Yuma, AZ

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Arizona Western College assures success to their culinary students. With the option of  earning various certificates or earning their associates degree, students are thoroughly prepared for the workforce. Additionally, the Culinary Arts student club allows students to learn more about food from farm to fork.

3) Los Angeles Trade Technical College (HSI)Los Angeles, CA

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The Los Angeles Trade Technical College offers students with the practice and experience necessary for a culinary career. Successful completion of the program may lead to careers as corporate chefs, private chefs, consulting, or journalism.

4) Bishop State Community College (HBCU)Mobile, AL

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As a part of their Commercial and Industrial Technology program, the Culinary Arts concentration teaches students the technical expertise to succeed in the food service industry. Students specialize in effective utilization of tools and equipment used in the field. On campus there is also a student group that hosts culinary arts competitions. In addition, they participate in community service projects to help their local community.

5) Lawson State Community College Birmingham (HBCU)Birmingham, AL

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The Commercial Food/ Culinary Arts program at Lawson State Community College offers an Associate Degree in Applied Science. Students are provided with opportunities for workplace education through partnerships with local restaurant and hospitality services.

6) Coahoma Community College (HBCU)Clarksdale, MS

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The mission of the Culinary Arts Technology Program at Coahoma Community College is to “prepare students for entry-level employment in culinary arts careers through exposure to classical, American, and international cuisine, as well as the art of baking and patisserie” (coahomacc.edu). Through this concentration, students are exposed to classical, American, and international cuisine. With a hands-on approach, the kitchen is led by a chef instructor. Emphasis is placed on culinary tools, equipment, techniques, and specialty ingredients. Completion of the program grants all students the ServSafe Sanitation certification.

7) Livingstone College (HBCU)Salisbury, NC

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Students at Livingstone College earn an Associate of Science (A.S.) in Culinary Arts. This program focuses on three main objectives: providing students with a broad perspective of the hospitality organizations, equip students with analytical tools based upon logic and critical thinking for decision-making, and prepare students for responsible professional positions in various sectors of the Hospitality Industry.

8) Denmark Technical College (HBCU)Denmark, SC

The Culinary Arts Program at Denmark Technical College gives students the basic foundation on cooking chemistry. Students practice their cooking techniques, menu planning, and banquet planning. After completion of this program, students pursue careers such as chef, baker, or pastry chef. Alternatively, students start self-employed catering businesses.

Know of other culinary programs at MSIs? Share in the comments below!

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