5 Summer Youth Community Engagement Camps at MSIs

by Aisha Bowen

During the summer, college students often take on internships, research, and jobs to gain more experience in their careers of interest. College and university campuses across the country often create summer programming for youth as well. It is during these summer programs that young people can experience, first hand, themselves on a college campus and meet students who currently attend. As such, today’s MSI Monday Morning Line Up highlights 5 MSIs with awesome summer camps and programs for youth in their communities.

1) California State University, Long  Beach (AANAPISI/HSI)Long Beach, CA

Cal State Long Beach

While there are a plethora of academic summer camps for young people, Cal State, Long Beach designed the Young Artists’ Camp specifically for artists in the making! This 3 week long camp is available for students ages 9-15 provides training in art fundamentals such as drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and more. The camp cost of $350 also includes amazing field trips and a gallery exhibition of student work. Learn more about Young Artists’ Camp 2018 here.

2)  University of Houston, Downtown (HSI)Houston, TX


The University of Houston- Downtown currently hosts multiple summer camps for youths age 10-17 in locations throughout the city. One of the most interesting camps is entitled “Language Camp” where kids and teens have the opportunity to learn French and Spanish. Language classes are taught by highly trained, native-fluent speakers who are experienced in teaching children. Other UH camps for youth in the community include Engineering, Science and Writing Camp! Lean more about these summer opportunity for youth here!

3) Hampton University (HBCU)Hampton, VA


Hampton University uses the summer as a way to prepare young people for college through summer engagement program. Hampton’s “A+ Summer Program” is a weeklong summer program hosted by the campus’s Honors College for 8th-12th grade students. This year’s camps, with the title “Raising My Voice: Intellectually Influencing MEdia, “will engage participants in recognizing, owning, and amplifying their voices as they navigate and seek to impact the various forms of media they encounter.” Learn more about Hampton University’s A+ summer camps here.

4) Northwest Indian College (TCU)Bellingham, WA


Northwest Indian College hosts a College Pathways Bridge Program and Summer Camp for students entering 10th-12th grade.  This program’s purpose is to help students from their community “prepare for college and strengthen their knowledge in areas of math, science, reading and writing as well as the college admissions process.” Northwest Indian College is committed to supporting students in discovering their full potential as a learners in higher education. Learn more about the summer camp dates, eligibility, and other important information here!

5) University of Alaska, Fairbanks (AANH)Fairbanks, AK


The University of Alaska, Fairbanks, currently hosts multiple week-long summer engagement camps for youth ages 2-12 starting May 29, 2018. Younger students (grades 2-3) have Dinosaur and Baking camps, while older students can explore, Archeology, Firefighter Training, and Crime Scene Detective Camps. The diverse list of camp options can expose youths to careers and activities that they may not otherwise have opportunity to explore at home. Learn more about the camp dates, registration, fees, and possible scholarships for camp fees here!

Know of other summer youth community engagement camps at MSIs? Share in the comments below!

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