DREAMers and 5 MSIs that support them

By Sergio Gonzalez

Today’s society emphasizes the necessity and privilege of obtaining higher education. Unfortunately, many undocumented students in the United States are excluded from this privilege, facing adversity as they fight for their right to higher education.

Undocumented students in higher education, known as DREAMers, have been described as individuals brought to the United States as children with no legal status. With a lack of infrastructure and/or support for this student population nationwide, some MSIs have dedicated resources to support them on their academic journeys.

1) California State University, Fullerton


Titan Dreamers Resource Center (TDRC):

As an HSI, The TDRC is designed to provide a safe space where students can connect with one another. They provide undocumented students with academic and emotional support, referrals to financial assistance, and information on programs/services designed to improve retention/graduation rates. Additional information can be found here.

2) California State University, Los Angeles


Glazer Family Dreamers Resource Center:

The Glazer Family Dreamers Resource Center works closely with the Office of the Vice President for Student Life by assisting students with the cost of submitting a DACA renewal request. The center promotes the success of undocumented students at Cal State LA, known as an HSI, through a plethora of resources, services, and community engagement opportunities. They strive to create a welcoming environment where undocumented students can grow, flourish and succeed. For more information, click here.

3) California State University, Long Beach


Dream Success Center:

Designated as an HSI, CSULB’s Dream Success Center was established with the intent to provide services, resources, and support to undocumented students. Their mission is simple: empower scholars who are undocumented in their pursuit of higher education and foster a supportive campus community dedicated to their educational and personal success. For more information, click here.

4) University of California, Irvine


Dreamers’ Resource Office:

The Dreamers’ Resource Office is dedicated to serving the AB540 and undocumented student population through advocacy, guidance, and support at UCI, which is designated as an AANAPISI. The programs and services are designed for students to achieve academic, personal, and professional experience. The Dreamers’ Resource Office is directly connected to the Student Outreach and Retention (SOAR) Center. For more information, click here.

5) University of California, Santa Cruz


Undocumented Student Services (USS):

Under the umbrella of their Educational Opportunity Programs, USS provides a robust set of services and support to bolster the graduation and retention rates of undocumented students at UC Santa Cruz, an HSI. The services include peer mentorship and academic advising, which provides personal, academic, financial, and legal support to all UCSC undocumented students. For more information on the resources the USS provides its students, click here.





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