Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions

Located at the University of Pennsylvania and under the direction of Professor Marybeth Gasman, the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions’ goals are:

  • to ELEVATE the educational contributions of MSIs, ensuring their participation in national conversations
  • to INCREASE rigorous scholarship on MSIs;
  • to CONNECT MSI academic and administrative leadership to leading reform initiatives in the United States;
  • to INFORM administrative, instructional and philanthropic practices at MSIs;
  • to ADVANCE effective policies that have a positive impact on strengthening MSIs, the development and support of their students and faculty, and the quality of the elementary and secondary schools within their communities.
  • to BRING TOGETHER MSIs around their common interests, strengths, and challenges to increase efficiency and optimize resources.
  • to ENHANCE the efforts of MSIs to close educational achievement gaps and assessment performance of disadvantaged communities

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One thought on “Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions

  1. Although accreditation is in question Morris Brown College, Atlanta ,ga is not on this list. It is still open and has students for this current year !


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